We Be Jamming

Remembering three summers ago, my old best friend, who I went to school with all through out elementary and middle school, came to stay with me for a month. It was so awesome to reconnect with my long lost best friend. We recently both found that both of us enjoy playing the guitar. This is something neither of us did back when we were inseparable and when music basically ruled our teeny bopper minds. Oh for the good old days!

Fortunately that summer I had two guitars at the time, so both of us tried (for the first time ever) to jam together. It turned out our tunes sounded very well together, but both of us agreed that the amps we were using were just too old and rugged.

He had told me to check out really cool amps online at the largest guitar center known, so I jumped on the computer  to check out what was out there and found some unbelievable deals for amps I wouldn’t imagine finding for the price I was seeing. I ordered two of them in hopes that it would arrive at my home before my friend had to leave for his flight, to go home. It didn’t take long at all for it to arrive at my doorstep, and needless to say we jammed out all night long and had a blast doing so. I can’t wait until I visit him in the near future, were going to have some good jams and many more great memories.

Legal Issues on the Radio

Some friends of mine have a radio show that goes on the air live every Saturday night. The show offers a panel of lawyers who take questions from listeners on all types of legal issues and the lawyers give information to help the caller resolve the issue.The show is on WLAC 1510 AM and the primary lawyer is Ed Fowlkes who specializes in criminal defense work. He is the go to guy for DUIs and any kind of traffic problem. He also does other types of cases, usually in County and State courts.

The other lawyers on the panel seem to rotate as to who is available. Sometimes there are two other lawyers, sometimes three, and sometimes they have guests on the show, like other lawyers and even judges. Their specialties include bankruptcy, constitutional law, real estate, and domestic cases.

It’s an interesting show and you can learn a lot about legal issues if you listen every week.

The Song Cristofori’s Dream

For some reason I heard a little tune by a piano player and composer named David Lanzand I liked it so much I did a search on Google about it. The song is titled Cristofori’s Dream.According to a short article on David Lanz that I read,

Cristofori was the Italian inventor of the piano. Before the piano the instrument was called a harpsichord, which had a much different sound and many limitations to the range of notes and sounds it could produce. Cristofori made and repaired harpsichords and dreamed of a more sophisticated and elegant instrument, so he invented the piano in his repair shop. Lanz wrote this song to honor Cristofori and I think it is a great story and a wonderful, beautiful song.

I wonder what  Cristofori would think if he saw some of the keyboards that are available these days. Like the Kawai mp11 Professional Stage Piano that I was looking at today on the WWBW website. Now that’s a professional stage piano that could kick some butt for the 6 minutes plus that this guy is playing on YouTube.

Famous North Carolina Discount Furniture

North Carolina has always been known for producing fine furniture and now the with Internet, it is so much easier to see what types of deals can be had right on line, avoiding what could be a very long and expensieve road trip, what with the price of gas, as we had to do in the past.

Taking some time the Internet has an amazing selection of furniture, which is worth your time to take a look at. Ashley Furniture, I have found, has a nice variety of some very nice quality beds that I have been looking at. I have been sleeping in the same bed now for over some 20 years or so, and have made my mind up to purchase another, hence Ashley’s has come into play.

The Torrington Estate Queen Metal bed has caught my eye, with a nice wood and metal mixture that creates a nice traditional look that is pleasing to my eye. There are other pieces that they offer that go with this bed that I will most likely purchase at a later time, right now the bed is my main concern.

Sleep Habits

It is amazing how we humans get into a sleep routine that if tweaked just a bit can result in a terrible night’s sleep. I have become accustomed to having my Ceiling Fan on, which is directly over the bed. It provides a cool breeze, keeps the air moving as well as some white noise that makes a big difference in my getting a decent night’s sleep. If I don’t have the ceiling fan on I might as well not even lay my head down.

It has now become a necessity for me to take a box fan with me when ever I go anywhere for an over nighter. Ceiling Fans are better but not capable of being transported to and fro, so I’m grateful for my box fan. Not that I go away very often mind you.

My sister uses the pro-audio cad nb2 noise canceling earphones that she bought a few years back to help her keep her mind clear and free when she needs it, even wears them to bed at times.

a nice option

CAD NB2 Noise-Canceling Earphones