Working Offshore

Over the years I’ve had a couple of opportunities to travel to the Caribbean, but for one reason or another I didn’t take any of those opportunities. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of living in the islands and even bought a book that describes how each of the Caribbean islands are different. There are a variety of European ownerships among the islands, with corresponding different cultures, even languages and currencies. Some of the islands are mountainous and some are very flat and sandy. Not all of the beaches are suitable for sun bathing and swimming – some are volcanic rock and others are sharp and jagged corals.

Every time I meet someone who has been to the islands I ask them a ton of questions and I’m close to ready to commit to my own trip to at least one of the islands later this year. I’m still torn between the idea of taking a cruise ship that island hops to several of the different islands, or book a package where I fly to one particular island and spend the entire trip in one place to get to know it in more depth.

If I go to only one island, which one should it be? At the moment, the island that has my greatest interest is Grand Cayman Island. One of the guys from work went to Grand Cayman on his honeymoon a few years ago and he can’t stop singing its praises. Besides the fact that it was his honeymoon – he swears that this island has everything you would ever want in an island experience. He’s even looking a job there and has sent his resume to an online recruiting company called, BrightStaff, to help him find a job. Brightstaff is the leader in listing available cayman islands jobs. He’s even got me looking at the possibility of getting a job offshore and moving to the Cayman Islands.

Of course I could always do something totally of the wall and look into ubud bali accommodation where the exotic culture in Indonesia that I have always heard so much about through out the years would be a fascinating adventure. With a lot of things very similar with both locations it would be a totally different accommodation. I should take a bit of time and do some online research before making the decisions that will cost me a pretty penny either way!

Starbucks Verses Sheetz

I like a hot mocha now and then. It got started on them years ago and didn’t really like the first couple that I drank. Some one at work kept buying them for me and before you know it I really started to look forward to drinking more. But I have to say that Starbucks can really put a hole in your pocket, but they make the best I’ve ever had.

Sheetz is a gas/convenience store around here and they make a to mocha that is passable and a lot more affordable. Plus each time you purchase one they stamp one of their cards and after purchasing 6 of them you number 7 for free. So Sheetz has my vote, unless someone else is buying then it Starbucks all the way.

We Be Jamming

Remembering three summers ago, my old best friend, who I went to school with all through out elementary and middle school, came to stay with me for a month. It was so awesome to reconnect with my long lost best friend. We recently both found that both of us enjoy playing the guitar. This is something neither of us did back when we were inseparable and when music basically ruled our teeny bopper minds. Oh for the good old days!

Fortunately that summer I had two guitars at the time, so both of us tried (for the first time ever) to jam together. It turned out our tunes sounded very well together, but both of us agreed that the amps we were using were just too old and rugged.

He had told me to check out really cool amps online at the largest guitar center known, so I jumped on the computer  to check out what was out there and found some unbelievable deals for amps I wouldn’t imagine finding for the price I was seeing. I ordered two of them in hopes that it would arrive at my home before my friend had to leave for his flight, to go home. It didn’t take long at all for it to arrive at my doorstep, and needless to say we jammed out all night long and had a blast doing so. I can’t wait until I visit him in the near future, were going to have some good jams and many more great memories.

Legal Issues on the Radio

Some friends of mine have a radio show that goes on the air live every Saturday night. The show offers a panel of lawyers who take questions from listeners on all types of legal issues and the lawyers give information to help the caller resolve the issue.The show is on WLAC 1510 AM and the primary lawyer is Ed Fowlkes who specializes in criminal defense work. He is the go to guy for DUIs and any kind of traffic problem. He also does other types of cases, usually in County and State courts.

The other lawyers on the panel seem to rotate as to who is available. Sometimes there are two other lawyers, sometimes three, and sometimes they have guests on the show, like other lawyers and even judges. Their specialties include bankruptcy, constitutional law, real estate, and domestic cases.

It’s an interesting show and you can learn a lot about legal issues if you listen every week.

The Song Cristofori’s Dream

For some reason I heard a little tune by a piano player and composer named David Lanzand I liked it so much I did a search on Google about it. The song is titled Cristofori’s Dream.According to a short article on David Lanz that I read,

Cristofori was the Italian inventor of the piano. Before the piano the instrument was called a harpsichord, which had a much different sound and many limitations to the range of notes and sounds it could produce. Cristofori made and repaired harpsichords and dreamed of a more sophisticated and elegant instrument, so he invented the piano in his repair shop. Lanz wrote this song to honor Cristofori and I think it is a great story and a wonderful, beautiful song.

I wonder what  Cristofori would think if he saw some of the keyboards that are available these days. Like the Kawai mp11 Professional Stage Piano that I was looking at today on the WWBW website. Now that’s a professional stage piano that could kick some butt for the 6 minutes plus that this guy is playing on YouTube.