The wind and rain of summer

Had an outrageous date tonight! The lady and I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant to start off the evening after which we had originally planned to take in the local off Broadway style theatre. What really happened after our meal, which was outstanding by the way, was to get soaked to the bone by a sudden downpour from an unexpected rain storm! During our shower, courtesy of Mother Nature, my date became a bit flustered and insisted that I take her back to my place so that she could get out of her wet clothes and into something dry. Somewhat surprising to me because The only thing I have for her to wear would be one of my robes and I wasn’t to sure of what it was she had in mind. needless to say, by evening’s end, this lovely woman had only my best interests at heart. After battling wind and rain to make it home she told me of the one sure thing attracted her to me, my laughter! The next day she bid me farewell as she was off to the airport for her flight to Paris France, (I neglected to mention that she is a stewardess on a major airline), the last words out of her pretty little mouth were, ” darling, the wind blew, the crap flew, and I’m only here for a day or two!”, to which she was gone. Such a lovely girl that one.

The Dr. is IN!

They call me the Doctor because of the way I “operate”. Not that it’s a bad thing, because it isn’t. I’m sort of what you might call a “horse trader”. I buy, sell and trade my way through making a living. Sometimes the living is good, better than good actually. But sometimes it isn’t much of a living at all. Especially when the economy is in such a slump as whats going on right now. But it is what I do. Although there are times when the ladies simply take me away from business at hand and remind me that life is grand and that there are many ways for a man to enjoy his many freedoms. Boating, flying, hang gliding, scuba diving, just spending time outdoors and enjoying the view. And lets face it guys, the view is good as long as there are long slender legs attached to fine looking woman to block the view of less interesting subjects!!