What's Up With KFC

The last couple of times that I have gone to KFC it has been a disappointment. I have talked with several other folks that aren’t happy with what KFC has turned into as well. Either they have closed earlier than than posted, or they have run out of chicken or don’t have any of the new grilled chicken that they are advertising so heavily.

I think the Colonel would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how things were being run these days.


There are so many types of milk on the grocery shelves these days. Regular, 2%, 1%, skim. Then there is the lactose free and now we are seeing more and more soy milk, which just cracks me up because there really isn’t such a thing as soy milk, it is soy juice. But I guess no one would be attracted to a product called soy juice. What a joke!

The Slurpee

I was speaking the other day about the amount of 7-11 stores that are seeming to take over. I remember a song back in the 70’s that came out about the Slurpee. I thought that I might be able to find it on YouTube.com, but to no avail I couldn’t find it. This is the first time that I have not been able to find a song on YouTube.com, bummer. But I did find a funny video that I wanted to share here.

Five Dollar Foot Longs

Subway has always been one of my favorite places to get a good sub. Now since they expanded their menu to include even more of their foot long subs to be purchased for $5 the joint seems to be much busier each time I go there. Hey a good deal is a good deal and I say “Go For It!”

Coffee Issues

My date from last Saturday night left me a note complaining about my taste in coffee. She¬†said that my choice in the matter was a bitter tasting brew and that I should leave any further shopping to someone more adept at choosing the right brand of coffee and that while she was out she’d pick me up something more suitable for drinking and some coffee creamer as well, seeing as how the milk was spoiled anyway. That’s not unusual around here!