Who, what, where and why?

Still not sure what my plans are for the 4th of July and my parents are asking what I have planned because they would like to get together for some type of meal and watch the firework display that we have always enjoyed so much in the past.

I’ve made a few phone calls and emails to a couple of lady friends, seeing if I could work something out with one of them for the evening, I have to be careful as to which one to include since my parents will be involved. My folks usually like my friends, male and female, but on occasion there will be somebody that I introduce them to that just doesn’t seem to “float their boat” and then I have to hear all about their issues that they have with that particular person and usually I’m not in the mood to hear their concerns and criticisms. I imagine that is the case for most people’s relationships with their parent(s), no one wants to hear their parents say bad things about their friends and other types of relationships that we acquire through life.

The 4th is creeping up on me quickly, guess I need to put forth more of an effort so as to put my mother at ease for a bit. I’m sure that my father couldn’t care less about where we go and who we go with, although I know he does enjoy it when I bring a really good looking lady along, he likes the ones with long legs that make him think of a “nice tall drink of water!”

A Very Pleasant Date

Once again I find myself back at the computer typing in whatever comes to mind. This is sort of like my having a journal, or, “diary” if you will. But I feel there won’t be any ticked off girlfriends as long as I remember not to mention any names and keep my dating life a bit hazy on some of the details. I was out last evening with a female friend and had just returned from the bar with our drinks when much to my surprise, another female friend had already joined us at the table and was waiting there for my return with her order for a drink. After an affirmative answer to my inquiry concerning them knowing each other, I groaned ever so lightly and went back to the bar for her drink. Now at this point I’m not to sure about how my date was going to end after this turn of events, and was, as you can imagine, a little hesitant about returning to the table to be either insulted or embarrassed, but a gentleman must do what a gentleman must do. Upon my return , we three sat for about twenty minutes or so discussing our relationships with each other. This of course could have been a bit embarrassing knowing how a lot of women are a bit protective of their personal lives and do not wish to either share nor indulge in their own fantasies. This night proved that I, personally, will never underestimate any of the ladies I know, ever again!

Now breakfast the next morning was something else, as they both had different tastes in morning foods. Lucky thing I keep a fully stocked kitchen with room enough for two cooks. The surprising thing about their sharing the kitchen, was their comfort and ease around each other as they prepared our breakfast. A guy could get used to such attention as this. I have to admit, it’s really good being me!