Coffee Issues

My date from last Saturday night left me a note complaining about my taste in coffee. She said that my choice in the matter was a bitter tasting brew and that I should leave any further shopping to someone more adept at choosing the right brand of coffee and that while she was out she’d pick me up something more suitable for drinking and some coffee creamer as well, seeing as how the milk was spoiled anyway. That’s not unusual around here!

Home Improvement

ShopWiki has become a useful tool for so many of us lately. It helps find every store online, not just the sites that only show you the stores that have paid for their placement, which opens a lot of doors in many ways for online shoppers. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular for everyday shopping, not just for use around the holiday seasons.

My brother and his wife have been busy with the remodeling of their house for the past several years. They started fixing the place up with the thought of putting it on the market, but since the market has dropped so low they don’t think that they would make any type of profit by selling it and have decided to keep it and keep fixing it up along the way.

The kitchen has had the majority of the work done to it. All new Large Appliances, a new Counter Top and a new floor have made a big difference. My sister-in-law has been doing a lot more cooking since all the work has been completed. They did most of their shopping for all that was needed online and have saved a good chunk of change by using sites like ShopWiki to their advantage. She already has her Christmas list started, the holidays will be coming up soon enough, heck the year is already half way done with. She has her eyes on many Other Assorted Kitchen guides that she plans on utilizing in her new kitchen and is planning on holding the family Christmas dinner at their place if things keep progressing nicely and in a timely fashion as they have been so far. I’m glad that things are working out for them and wish them luck in getting things all done in time for the holidays.

Dinner & a Movie

Since we knew more snow was on the way today, last night I took a gal to dinner and then to the movies. She wanted to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief that just came out in the theaters on Friday. We went to the Olive Garden and had a good meal and a few glasses of some good wine before heading to the movies. I had no idea that the movies were going to be so crowded, we ended up having a hard time finding two seats together and ended up having to sit in the second row, which is hard on my eyes and my neck. But it was a good movie, my date was happy and for the most part the evening was a success.



Big Mac Wrap

I’ve seen commercials on the TV for the last couple of weeks for the new Big Mac Wrap, which sounds like a nice change for McDonald’s. Today I stopped at one of our local McDonald’s and wanted to try one out only to find out that our McDonald’s hasn’t started serving them as of yet. What a bummer. Guess I’ll just have to keep stopping by until they catch up with the rest of the world.

Online Yellowpages

Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember, my parents have put on a spectacular feast for the whole family at their residence. This year my mother has had her plate full with health issues and other commitments and she is getting a bit frustrated with the whole holiday situation, I’m getting a bit worried about her, so I’m going to try and convince her to hold the festivities at one of the local restaurants so that she doesn’t have to stress out so much in the next week or so.

It is a task much simpler to tackle with the use of the Internet, I can do a local search and come up with good reliable information in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days that we need to use our local yellowpages (the paper version) to find what we need in order to suite our needs. is one of the better one stop shopping sites that I have used in the past and once again I’ve found them to be a tremendous help in finding a restaurant that would accommodate as many people as we have planned on coming on Christmas.

At you can businesses, driving directions, hours of operation, addresses, contact info, as well as reviews that are written by people that have used their service. I like that I could add any opinions that I might have as well although I doubt that I would unless I had a real issue with something or if I received service over and beyond what I had expected. Guess we will see how it plays out.