So Many Choices

Amazing how we have such a large variety of vehicles to choose from these days. I can’t imagine going from car dealership to car dealership to find the information needed in order to make the best choice when in the market to purchase a new vehicle. That task could take weeks and possibly months, depending on where you live.

I have been thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in the near future, just haven’t made the final decision yet. I’m grateful for the Internet with sites such as that has a great amount of information on a great variety of vehicles that are now available to the public. I’ve heard good things about Hyundai, so I’ve checked out the hyundai veracruz and the hyundai elantra, both good pieces of transportation, but then I saw an article about the chevy equinox and gave that some serious consideration for some time. So many choices it can be mind boggling I’ll tell you that!

My Dad is pushing me towards a volvo s80, volvo has a great reputation and all but I just don’t see me behind the wheel of one at this point. Maybe one day, thanks anyway¬†Dad.

Hope for the newest version of the Washington Nationals

As a fan of the Washington Nationals, there hasn’t been much to cheer about in the brief history of the team since the Montreal Expos relocated to our city. The last month of the 2010 baseball season has changed that though after the arrival of our top pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg. It’s great having something to celebrate again, because there is a rich baseball history in the region. Long before the Washington Nationals returned, we had the Washington Senators back in 1891. Teams would come and go, but baseball in the city would eventually come back.

The difference between the teams in the last century versus the Nationals today is that ticket prices are much higher today than they were a century ago to see a baseball game. When you factor in the cost for a family of four like mine to attend a baseball game, it’s a much larger portion of the paycheck. Watching the game on direct tv packages has thankfully given us another option to see the Nationals make history. Between Strasburg and the other young players we have coming up through the minor leagues, it’s a very promising time to be a fan of the Washington Nationals.

Hopefully the “baseball gods” will see to it that we fall on the right side of history this time.

Good-bye to Verizon

My 2 year contract is finally up with Verizon. I have been waiting for this day for some time. I haven’t been happy with Verizon for some time and have been doing my research and came up with a good deal with Sprint that I’m going to sign up with come the first of July.

I don’t have a land line anymore and depend on my cell phone for all of my phone calls. I need a good plan, a good phone and Sprint seems the way to go for me and my phone needs.

Awesome Photo

I heard from my niece yesterday. She sent me a nice email filling me in on the status on her attempt to get her parents to consent to allow her to start wearing contact lenses. She really has her heart set on this and I hope that she can get her folks to agree and soon, poor thing can’t seem to think of anything else and really needs to move on.

She usually sends me some pretty awesome pictures or videos with her emails. This picture was included in yesterday’s email. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

awesome roses

The City Will Nickle and Dime You Any Way That They Can

I have gotten to the point where I pay most of my bills online (at no charge) these days. It is a time saver and it saves the cost of envelopes and postage. It is too bad that all of my bills aren’t set up for online payments. The city that I live in allows it’s citizens to pay their taxes and their water and sewer bills online with a credit or debit card, but it charges a percentage which is a rip off and I won’t have anything to do with it. Leave it to our government to want to nickle and dime you to death.