Just Yapping

One of my business partners suggested we find a new style of marketing some of our gear. Perhaps even diversifying a bit so as to maximize our customer base and broaden our prospective clientele by opening up new avenues of revenue. How about that, I think I could be a poet of sorts if I keep rhyming my sentences like that. Can you tell I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately? Well, between keeping long hours working the trade shows, and even longer nights getting worked over by one good looking woman after another, I should be a bit tired out. Maybe I should just sleep on it awhile. Which reminds me, I’m going to have to get a new mattress. The one I have now makes my back hurt something awful at times.

The Dr. is IN!

They call me the Doctor because of the way I “operate”. Not that it’s a bad thing, because it isn’t. I’m sort of what you might call a “horse trader”. I buy, sell and trade my way through making a living. Sometimes the living is good, better than good actually. But sometimes it isn’t much of a living at all. Especially when the economy is in such a slump as whats going on right now. But it is what I do. Although there are times when the ladies simply take me away from business at hand and remind me that life is grand and that there are many ways for a man to enjoy his many freedoms. Boating, flying, hang gliding, scuba diving, just spending time outdoors and enjoying the view. And lets face it guys, the view is good as long as there are long slender legs attached to fine looking woman to block the view of less interesting subjects!!