Smart Shopper

This is a big month of birthdays for my family and the last big gift shopping that I need to do before starting the Christmas shopping.

With a large family, buying birthday and Christmas gifts for everyone can quickly get expensive. So it pays to be a smart shopper and look for bargains, use coupons, and plan ahead.

This month I have to buy a gift for my older sister and I know that anything I buy from Kitchen Etc will be a hit with her. She loves to get new bakeware and cookware to add to her kitchen equipment and it is easy to find something useful and practical, yet a luxury that she might not buy for herself.

The end of the month is Mother’s birthday, and her gift needs to be special so I am shopping at Nordstrom for her gift. She does not have a Nordstrom in her town, so anything I buy for her from Nordstrom will be special and unique.

My brother in law has a birthday the day after Mother’s. I enjoy shopping for his birthday gift at Eddie Bauer because I often find something there that I want to buy for myself. In fact, right now they are offering deals that let me save up to 70% off in the Summer Clearance and there are several bargains that will be hard to pass by.