Preachers and Their Language

Apparently there are several preachers who are letting their mouths get away with them. While I was looking up the previous Preacher’s Blooper, there were several more to choose from, so I decided to check a few of them out. This one is seriously a “Blooper” I mean what was this guy thinking anyway?

Preacher Blooper

Last night I was watching a show that was all about catching things on video. The funniest one was about a new Preacher who was talking in front of his youth group, their parents and his wife. The poor guy really got shaken up about his slip of the tongue, you just had to feel for the poor guy. So today I had to look it up on, I found it and had to post it here, check it out and pass it along if you feel the need.

World Cup on TV

Having grown up in a very small, country town, I had never really paid any attention to Soccer. No one played soccer where I was from. It wasn’t a school sport, and there wasn’t even a league that kids could join to play. I was never interested in watching the game & really didn’t understand how people could watch such a “boring” sport. That all changed when I was in college in California and became friends with some people from Greece who loved to watch direct tv international packages in california. They could not understand my lack of interest in their absolute favorite sport. After watching the World Cup with them, I realized how enjoyable soccer was to watch, once you really got into it.

To this day, four years later, I still enjoy watching soccer on TV. Watching a good soccer game at a sports bar, full of other soccer fans is one of the most exciting times in sports to me. With so many people that are so passionate and fanatic about soccer, it’s hard to not get excited about what is going on. The atmosphere around the sport is like no other. I recently started watching the 2010 World Cup on my satellite TV and I still enjoy it today just as much as I did with my fanatic friends four years ago.

Today's Doctors

I called my doctor’s office today and wanted to speak to the doctor I was told that he wasn’t in today. I asked if he could be paged or called with a request to give me a call. To my surprise I was told that he only responds to emails. What is up with that? What if I don’t have Internet access. Crazy!

Oakley Sunglasses

Having one good quality pair of sunglasses and several pair of cheap ones is the way to go. I have a habit of losing my sunglasses and get tired of dishing out my hard earned money each time I miss place those suckers. I have been purchasing Oakley sunglasses for a long time and wouldn’t even consider owning another brand. Oakley is a good company that is known to sell top notch eye wear and they stand by their products.

I’m glad to see that you can now go online at and purchase their products (along with other brands as well) instead of having to go down to the local mall and pay out the nose for a decent pair of sunglasses. I’m glad to see that they now offer digital prescription lenses, which is way cool for folks that need that type of eye wear. It’s an easy site to get around in and they have a huge variety to choose from. You can check out the testimonials and see for yourself what they are all about.

The only good thing about going to mall is that there is usually a nice looking girl behind the counter that makes the process easier to deal with. But I still prefer to do my shopping online if I have the opportunity to.