Save gas, shop on-line and save $$$

I know that a great amount of people are doing their shopping on-line these days and the variety and amount of merchants that are offering their products is growing every day. I believe that with the price of gasoline today that it makes sense to be able to save on gas by sitting down in front of your PC and have your shopping done with the tip of your fingers.

I’ve been doing a good amount of on-line shopping for years, as I have never been the type that enjoys going out, fighting traffic, dealing with general public and their unruly children, receiving horrible customer service and I really do not like waiting in a long line while watching my ice cream melt away in the process.

There are a few sites that I use on a constant basis that offer discount online coupon codes, on-line promotions and special saving offers for an amazing amount of merchants that are doing very well with their on-line web-sites.

Once such web-site that I frequent quite often before I even think about placing an order and that is, they have a huge listing of companies that you can choose from, to look and see if you can find an offer through a special on-line promotion, companies like Radio Shack, Gamefly, Gap, Sunglass Hut, Best Buy, Safeway, AT&T, Tupperware, Vitamin Shop, Enterprise, Foot Locker and those are just a small handful to name, there are literally hundreds of them, you can actually find whole the listing at   

For example, last week I noticed that I was running low on my ink cartridges for my printer/fax/copier so went to this site and found that on 123 Inkjets they have a promotion of $10 off any order just by using the coupon code of 1405 at the end of the order. I like to look for companies that offer free shipping normally and then have an additional promotion to use, that adds up to a great savings, wouldn’t you say.

I really think that anyone who is doing any type of on-line buying needs, check out places like this one, it doesn’t take but a few moments of your time and you can get some awesome deals along the way.

Gas is almost a four letter word

I’m thinking that by next week-end, which is the Father’s Day week-end, the cost of gas around here will be at the $4 mark. Today as I was running around trying to do as many errands as I could while enduring this horrible heatwave, I had to stop at the local cheap gas station and I was dismayed to see that it is now at $3.91, I can only imagine how much the Exxon and Mobil stations are charging.

On the news the other evening there was a story about a gas station owner who desperately needed to change his signs in order to charge the correct price, and the price had risen above the $4 mark, but the company didn’t have any number 4’s for him to change the signs and he was still waiting for them to be delivered. Poor guy was losing money like crazy, but was selling a lot of gasoline because of the other stations had their correct signs all ready in place. I hope at least some people purchased oil and other things that helped the man make some money.

Thinking ahead about Father's Day

I consider myself to be a very lucky man in the fact that I have been blessed with two very healthy parents that are still basically independent even though they are both in their 80’s. And the fact that we live pretty close to each other, less than a hour’s drive, has turned into such a positive thing for us all. My other siblings have all moved out of state and we don’t see each other near as much as we all would like, but when we do manage to get everyone together we make the best of it and enjoy the moment as well as we can.

There was talk a few months back about the possibility of trying to get us all together to celebrate Father’s Day, but things just didn’t work out so well and we had to pull the plug on that idea.

So, Father’s Day is coming up real soon, I guess I better start looking around, thank God for the Internet, it will make shopping a whole lot easier that having to go out and dealing with traffic and the weather and all that other bothersome nonsense that goes along with shopping in the real world.

The wind and rain of summer

Had an outrageous date tonight! The lady and I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant to start off the evening after which we had originally planned to take in the local off Broadway style theatre. What really happened after our meal, which was outstanding by the way, was to get soaked to the bone by a sudden downpour from an unexpected rain storm! During our shower, courtesy of Mother Nature, my date became a bit flustered and insisted that I take her back to my place so that she could get out of her wet clothes and into something dry. Somewhat surprising to me because The only thing I have for her to wear would be one of my robes and I wasn’t to sure of what it was she had in mind. needless to say, by evening’s end, this lovely woman had only my best interests at heart. After battling wind and rain to make it home she told me of the one sure thing attracted her to me, my laughter! The next day she bid me farewell as she was off to the airport for her flight to Paris France, (I neglected to mention that she is a stewardess on a major airline), the last words out of her pretty little mouth were, ” darling, the wind blew, the crap flew, and I’m only here for a day or two!”, to which she was gone. Such a lovely girl that one.