Buying a car in the U.K. via the Internet

I’m so grateful for email, the impact that it has had on making it so very easy to communicate with the outside world and all the people that populate it, and you can do it no matter where you might end up in this crazy world. I know for a fact that a good amount of people that I have come to know, would have long lost any contact with me, if not for the Internet and all of it’s wonderful features.

One such person that I would like to speak of is a very good friend of mine from way back in my High School days, his name is Buddy Bunn, what a character this guy was and still is apparently, because his occasional emails are always full of such wonderful exciting and funny stories of his travels and adventures that he always seems to get into.

This recent one from him was on the more serious side, but not bad news. He was writing from England, which is where is apparently has been for the past 6 months now, news to me though, and it sounds as if he is planning on staying over there for a while because is email was full of talk concerning car leasing and car loans issues. Since he is going to stay there longer than expected he has decided to go ahead and get some type of vehicle so as to keep him indecently mobile and less dependent on the friends and acquaintances that he has made during his visit over in the United Kingdom.

He was concerned about how he was going to go about with the whole process of the car finance and car credit issues, since he is a U.S. citizen and not a native from there, but does have excellent credit – but he was pleasantly surprised that the process was not as complicated as he initially thought it would be and he had found a good company by going on-line, at and they took good care of him and gave him a good deal.

So now he is on the loose over there, I’m sure I’ll be getting some very interesting emails from this one in the near future and I look forward to receiving them for a good laugh or two. I just hope he behaves himself and doesn’t get into too much trouble.