This year will be a productive year for people that do tree work. This past winter was a hard one and there are trees down every where you look. So I expect to be hearing a lot of chain saws going on these next couple of months and some people making some good money for once.

Let It Rain

We have been blessed with wonderful weather for the past week. I don’t think we have to worry about another snow storm for some time! The only bad thing that comes with great spring weather is the allergy issues that so many of us have to deal with. The pollen is so think that you can see it every where. I’m sure the car washes are doing a good business right now. My burgundy car looks pretty creepy with a green dusting all over it.

Let it rain tonight and hope for a better week ahead.

Time To Get Our Hands Dirty

It is that time of the year that we all get that itch to spend more time outside. It has been a long hard winter and the nice weather will make a big difference in so many people’s attitudes (at least I’m hoping it does) and spring is in the air! I have a lot to do and am waiting for the right time to get started, I’ve been preparing for this year’s gardens for the last couple of months and am anxious to get it all started.

Being pro active this year I found some great deals online. Since I do the majority of my purchasing using the Internet I have gotten pretty darn good at finding good quality items at discount prices. I found some nice looking window boxes at after Christmas was done and over with that I’d ready to install and prepare for planting soon.  My mother always had the nicest window box planters on the old house that I have fond memories of enjoying all spring and summer long.  And I’ve always wanted a nice window box or two around the place myself, so this will be the year that I get that task done.

The selection and variety of window flower boxes has increased tremendously since my mother installed hers back in the 60’s. The Internet has opened up a whole lot of avenues to find unique items that you wouldn’t be able to find at WalMart or any of the other major retail chains. It’s nice to have something that looks good that no body else on the block or in the whole neighborhood has.

This year’s garden will take a lot of time and effort but I’m looking forward to a nice rainy spring that will help produce some nice looking trees, bushes, flowers and of course the vegetable garden and all that it produces  is always a plus.




Extreme Weather

We just can’t seem to get away from all types of extreme weather all around the world. Woke up this morning to hear that California just experienced another earthquake, a 4.4 if I remember correctly. Mother Nature must really be pissed off! Makes me wonder what is lined up to hit us next.

Some Good Old Fashioned Camping Is In Order

With such great weather for the next few days it has brought on a craving to be spending time Outdoors. Some Camping and Hiking sounds like a great idea, but I’m sure that the ground is still a bit frozen from the harsh coldness and all the snow that has been so abundant for the past several months. But the real Spring season should be rolling around pretty soon and I’d like to get out the Sleeping Bags and Tents out and take a weekend to do some good old fashioned camping with some good friends.

If I need to pick up any item that might be needed that I can’t seem to find I can always go online and pick up some sweet deals on the Internet. There are plenty of good deals to be found these days. Companies are hurting for business, big time, so prices are dropping in order to make any type of sale.

I do believe that when the weather breaks and we get out of this dark cold winter, people’s spirits will start rising. It’s been a rough winter and with the economy not showing any signs of improving there are a tremendous amount of very unhappy folks out there. I can only hope that spring will help us all out. Travel and Outdoor Fun can do wonders for a body.