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Favorite Comedy Show

Probably my favorite comedy show is an oldie — Gilligans Island. Featuring a relative unknown cast at the time, the adventures of Gilligan, the skipper Jonas Grumby, millionaire Thurston Howell III, Lovey Howell, Professor Roy Hinckley, movie star Ginger Grant and Kansas farm girl Mary Ann Sommers became great TV back in the 1960’s.

One of the best episodes involved the arrival on the island of a double for Mr. Howell. He had been heard selling off the stocks on the only communication device the castaways had — a portable radio. After washing up on the shore, nobody could tell the original from the fake. He had all of the mannerisms and birthmarks that even Mrs. Howell couldn’t figure out which one was her real husband. It wasn’t until the professor decide to test that handwriting that the imposter ran away from the others, somehow getting off the island.

This was a classic show and while occasionally silly, had a great interaction among the cast. It was also easy to watch since the characters inspired genuine care among the viewers.

NC Furniture

Taking a nice road trip down to North Carolina to take a look at all the wonderful NC Furniture that is so well known for their quality and affordability, was something that we all looked forward to back in the day. I wonder if we had had the Internet back then if we still would have made the trip every couple of years. I’d like to think so since it was always such a big-to-do. And there was certainly more involved then just driving down and back up again. We usually made it a long 3 day weekend, when one would come around for the entire family to take advantage of.

North Carolina is such a beautiful state any time of the year, but the fall is my favorite time to travel that way. The turning leaves and all their fall colors are breathtaking while driving up, down and around the mountains that take us to the various areas that we determined, far in advance, to seek out the glorious pieces of furniture that always made a great impression on us.

No Dogs Please

I went to the down town flea market yesterday and had a nice look see around the place before the heat got too intense. Didn’t find any treasures that I couldn’t live without but I did enjoy meeting and talking with a few interesting vendors that were there for the day.

It never seems to amaze me how so many people bring their dogs to this market. It just doesn’t make sense. It is an outside market, on a black top parking lot of an elementary school. These poor dogs are walking on this extremely hot surface while their idiot owners are looking around not even seeing how their dogs are burning their paws. It was in the high 90’s yesterday, so you know that the parking lot was burning hot.

People leave the dogs at home, have a heart!

Everything Radar

Each year I’m Head Coach for one of the many local Little League Baseball Teams and I always look forward to that time of year that it is starting to warm up and the kids are full of energy that has been bundled up all winter, and they are a raring to go. My Dad always coached a team, so did his father before that, and it is something that just seems to come to me as a second nature, while helping me stay in shape.

This year I think I’ll purchase a radar gun for the league and donate it in my grandfather’s name, I think he would appreciate that. I’ve gone looking around on the Internet and have found a site for  Radar Gun Sales that has decent selection of the type of radar gun that I was thinking of.  They have other items also that are quite interesting, such as speed pitch booths, batting cage equipment, road signs, score boards and even portable ice rinks! They really have great merchandise, wish I could afford to buy more for the League, but I’m sure that they will be happy with the radar gun that I’m counting on purchasing for their use.

The Busy Month Of June

It is hard to believe that the month of June is quickly approaching us. June is a busy month, besides the beginning of summer and all that goes along with that. The month of June brings a ton of birthdays to friends and family. I always know that I will be broke in the month June because of all the birthdays. And I’m still trying to recover from Christmas which seems like just a few months ago. Right now I am looking at various electric guitars for sale online to give to my nephew on his birthday which is in June.

I will be seeing my nephew at the family birthday dinner and since I didn’t get to hook up with him over the Christmas holiday season I figured I’d make it up to him on his birthday. He is a good kid, the oldest and the one that seems like he just might make a contribution in this world some day. Guess he is really my favorite. I was there when he was born and baby sat him up until they up and moved away to Colorado a few years ago. It will be good to see them all again. I will pull him aside of course and present him with it in private, so as not to draw a lot of attention from all the others that will be there that day.