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Slippers Virsus Orthopedic Insoles

I thought I had myself some comfortable slippers. I bought them new last fall, and I’ve been wearing them around the house almost every day since then. They have well padded soles, and are the “scuff” style that you just slide your feet into. I couldn’t wait to get home and take off my shoes and put on my new styling slippers.

Well about a week ago I bought some of those orthopedic insoles that you can purchase just about everywhere, that you put into your shoes to make your shoes more comfortable, and now I have to tell you that I just hate taking off my shoes and putting on my slippers!  And the past three nights I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with cramps in my feet; I think it was because I was wearing my slippers all the time and my feet wanted the extra support of my shoes. So I think I need to buy new slippers, and maybe put the orthopedic insoles in the slippers. Go figure!

UMT Marine

If I have the chance to travel to the DC area next week for an interview I hope to have a couple extra days to drive around the area and do some spring sightseeing. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is book a “boat and breakfast” package to sleep aboard one of the sailboats in the Annapolis Harbor. The Windward is a 74 foot sailing schooner that takes people on 2 hour tours during the day. On Saturday nights they allow up to four couples to book their special “boat and breakfast” package which includes a 2 hour sunset sail on the Chesapeake, docking in Annapolis for you to have dinner downtown, and then return to the ship around 11pm to sleep aboard the schooner in one of the 4 staterooms. In the morning you are served breakfast on deck and you have until 11:00 am to re pack your duffel bag and head out. It sounds like great fun, and with the right mix of other couples could be a magical evening for everyone.

There are three areas in Maryland that I love and would certainly consider living there if I had a good employment offer. Frederick, Baltimore, and Annapolis. To be honest, I love Annapolis, the state capital, and have spent dozens of weekends there on sailboats and in bed and breakfasts for summer weekends. I’m sure that UMT Marine, with their website of does a lot of work for people and plenty of businesses in that area.They would expect nothing less than the best and UMT Marine is knows for their commitment to old world, custom crafted marine technology. You really should check out their website, it’s pretty impressive and full of interesting information in the manufacturing of Custom Marine equipment.

If I get the job offer I’m expecting, I won’t hesitate to call a broker to get started looking for a house. Spending some time tonight on various websites to get a feel for prime real estate in the Baltimore area and also checked out the Annapolis area so that when I have my job interview next week I’ll know what I can handle for housing and relocation expenses.



Camping Trips and Fly Fishing This Summer

This year might be the year for me to focus on camping trips and fly fishing. With the bad economy still making life harder and harder, a lot of people are not going to be able to travel as extensively as they had been five years ago. I’m sure that a lot of the more exotic locations, like Las Vegas and Orlando, will once again have a huge drop in tourism this year. But people are accustomed to getting away while having fun and recreation on their weekends and their vacations. So I suspect there will be a lot more camping and day trips for American families again this summer.

Some of my summer plans include at least a one week-long fly fishing trip out west. I have enough frequent flier miles saved up that flying is not an issue for me which saves me a huge chunk of money. I can still fly to Washington State, Oregon and Northern California on free flights until this coming September. In fact, I’m planning a long weekend trip to Oregon next month. I’ll miss the Klamath Falls Spring Trout Derby, but the area is great for fly fishing well beyond that time.



Preparing The Yard For Spring

I am going to head out to Home Depot and Lowe’s this morning and try to beat the crowds. I’m sure the place will be packed with people who just realized that Spring is really close at hand and their yards and gardens need some work to get ready for the spring, summer, and fall growing season. I’m sure the danger of frost is not gone yet, it is only the middle of February. I wouldn’t even think of planing anything as of yet, but there is a lot of work that needs to get done before even thinking of putting anything in the ground yet.

I have to buy some weed and seed, plus a spreader as mine has left my garage for some reason. I want to buy some bags of topsoil and spread it around the yard to fill in a few holes and trenches created by moles, digging dogs and water runoff. I need a new rake and some leather work gloves.I might splurge and buy a new chainsaw if they have something for a good price. And, of course, the seed packets are all out on the shelves that I will take a gander at. I think I will try to do some green beans and pumpkins this year, in addition to the green peppers and jalapeno that grew well last year.


Another False Spring

Today we almost hit the 70 degree mark for about an hour and it was great. The little bit of snow that we had last weekend is ancient history and I can tell that spring is on its way. We should have 4 days of temperatures in the upper 50’s and 60’s this week. That’s enough to bring the early spring blooms out. Yesterday I noticed some the very beginnings of some daffodils and crocus coming up in neighbor’s yards. Today I noticed the forsythia and several trees starting to produce their red buds.

Imagine the colors we’ll have in just another month or two. The azaleas and dogwoods will be blooming and the grass will start peppering the yards with bright green blades. This weekend will be the start of my gardening efforts and my Spring landscaping chores. I’m sure a lot of other people have the same thing on their minds, so I might get an early start on the hardware store by stopping by Friday afternoon rather than waiting until Saturday.

This has been such a wacky weather winter that so many trees, bushes, flowers, shrubs are totally confused. This makes me wonder how that will affect how they actually grow this year. I mean we have had so many false “springs” that have got to have played havoc on the poor things. We didn’t get much snow at all this winter so I imagine we will be experiencing some effects of a drought. This is so stressful for people who spend so much time, energy, work and money on their landscaping. But when the county puts restrictions in place and tells us not water our yard or wash our cars, that means everyone, and a neighbor will snitch on another neighbor in a heart beat to get revenge. There are a lot of people who hate their neighbor(s). It is a perfect way to get back at someone, sad but true.