Some Good Old Fashioned Camping Is In Order

With such great weather for the next few days it has brought on a craving to be spending time Outdoors. Some Camping and Hiking sounds like a great idea, but I’m sure that the ground is still a bit frozen from the harsh coldness and all the snow that has been so abundant for the past several months. But the real Spring season should be rolling around pretty soon and I’d like to get out the Sleeping Bags and Tents out and take a weekend to do some good old fashioned camping with some good friends.

If I need to pick up any item that might be needed that I can’t seem to find I can always go online and pick up some sweet deals on the Internet. There are plenty of good deals to be found these days. Companies are hurting for business, big time, so prices are dropping in order to make any type of sale.

I do believe that when the weather breaks and we get out of this dark cold winter, people’s spirits will start rising. It’s been a rough winter and with the economy not showing any signs of improving there are a tremendous amount of very unhappy folks out there. I can only hope that spring will help us all out. Travel and Outdoor Fun can do wonders for a body.

Could It Be Spring?

Today was the first day that we could turn the heaters off and leave the house without having to bundle up in coats, hats and gloves. Tomorrow promises to be even better, we are suppossed to hit the upper 50’s. I’ve got to find something to do outside in order to enjoy the brilliant weather day.

It’s most unfortunate that the nice weather will be short lived, I’m told that by the end of next week, winter will be rearing it’s ugly head once again.

Golfing at Myrtle Beach This Spring

I do believe that most of us are more than ready for spring. This has been a long hard winter, with more snow in the forecast once again later in the week. We got 3 more inches today which brings the total to well over 50 inches in the last couple of weeks. There is just no more room for any more snow to go. The roads are still a mess and schools have been closed for so long that the kids will need a refresher course when they are finally called back in when the roads are safe enough for the buses in the early a.m.

I looking online for Myrtle Beach Accommodations to get away from all of this nasty cold weather. A good couple of games of golf in the sunshine would be so very refreshing. Going online to find the best Myrtle Beach Accommodation is the way to go, there are deals to be found for online shoppers such as myself. I’ve heard of many great places to stay at Myrtle Beach from many people and there seems to be a lot of golfing going on around the area.

I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in several years and I’m sure that there has been a few changes since then. I prefer the North Myrtle Beach area but am keeping an open mind and just want to see what is out there these days and I’m sure I’ll find the perfect Myrtle Beach Hotel for what I have in mind, golf wise and beach wise using the Internet and having a bit of patience while researching the whole deal. Wish me luck…….

When In The Heck Is Spring Coming?

A most appropriate photo to share today. I know that I am more than ready to say good bye to old man winter and welcome spring. It is most unfortunate that Mother Nature sees things her way and I’m told that we are for a lot more cold and snowy days in the near future, ugh…….


spring baby

Quality Planters Online

Things are finally getting back to “normal” with the holidays finally behind us, once and for all and it’s back to reality. It’s getting colder and colder with each of these very first days of the new year of 2010. Below freezing temperatures with snow and ice still readily abundant  from the storm we got right before Christmas! And now we are to expect another snow storm later this week…..something to look forward to, sigh…..

I really am anxious for spring to get here, I’ve never been much of fan of winter weather although I do enjoy going skiing a few times each year. This will be a busy spring for me this year. My folks purchased numerous Garden Planters and Window Box Planters that they will need help preparing for and then the actual installing about the place. They picked up some nice High End Planters online. They used and found some of the nicest Decorative Planters that they have gone crazy over. I don’t mind helping a bit, I’m grateful that they are still in good health and active around the house and the yard with all their gardens that they are so proud of each year. has a great selection of Indoor Planters and Outdoor Planters that I would encourage anyone to check out. Basically any type of Planter that you could possibly want or need for residential or commercial use.