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Another False Spring

Today we almost hit the 70 degree mark for about an hour and it was great. The little bit of snow that we had last weekend is ancient history and I can tell that spring is on its way. We should have 4 days of temperatures in the upper 50′s and 60′s this week. That’s enough to bring the early spring blooms out. Yesterday I noticed some the very beginnings of some daffodils and crocus coming up in neighbor’s yards. Today I noticed the forsythia and several trees starting to produce their red buds.

Imagine the colors we’ll have in just another month or two. The azaleas and dogwoods will be blooming and the grass will start peppering the yards with bright green blades. This weekend will be the start of my gardening efforts and my Spring landscaping chores. I’m sure a lot of other people have the same thing on their minds, so I might get an early start on the hardware store by stopping by Friday afternoon rather than waiting until Saturday.

This has been such a wacky weather winter that so many trees, bushes, flowers, shrubs are totally confused. This makes me wonder how that will affect how they actually grow this year. I mean we have had so many false “springs” that have got to have played havoc on the poor things. We didn’t get much snow at all this winter so I imagine we will be experiencing some effects of a drought. This is so stressful for people who spend so much time, energy, work and money on their landscaping. But when the county puts restrictions in place and tells us not water our yard or wash our cars, that means everyone, and a neighbor will snitch on another neighbor in a heart beat to get revenge. There are a lot of people who hate their neighbor(s). It is a perfect way to get back at someone, sad but true.


EDS Air Conditioning and Heating

There is something (some people say it’s a gift and some call it a curse) about the majority of females in my family that has provided them with an extra sensitive sense of smell. There are a couple that are sprinkled about that don’t seem to have that “special sense” and my mother, seeming to acquire what-ever those women didn’t, is, with no doubt the best/worst, depending on the particular situation at hand.

For example, my mother took a trip down to Florida to visit with my sister and her family last week. She flew down, as it would be way too long of a drive for her to do on her own and this way she could spend time visiting instead of being on the road. Dad usually drives them down, but Mom went on her own this time, for various reasons and the whole thing seems to have worked out well for everyone involved.

As soon as my mother stepped into the Guest Room that my sister had all set up for Mom to use during her stay, she started sniffing and was concerned with a smell that she really couldn’t identify. Other than it was a hot smell, possibly a burn/burning wire smell, heat, which was a concern for everyone. There was a quick check up all around the house to see if anything could be seen or smelled by anyone in the house, meanwhile a fan was placed in the Guest Room, was turned on  to High in to help circulate the air in hopes of reducing the “mystery smell” and life went on. A pleasant visit for all.

In my In Box this morning I found an email that my sister just sent to my parents, and cc’d me, to let us know that the “mystery smell” was most likely the that their gas furnace heat exchanger is overheating or it might be that the heat exchanger is cracked. They have placed a call in to EDS Air Conditioning who will be coming out first thing in the morning to see what they have to say about the whole situation. They have used EDS Air Conditioning before in the past with their Air Conditioning service needs so they are familiar with them which always makes a consumer/home owner feel better.

Hopefully this can be resolved quickly and affordable. I’d hate to see them without any heat right when winter has really started to finally kick in. Today was a bitter cold, horrible, nasty weather day, but I’m not in Florida where the abundance of sun has made Florida famous and nick named “The Land of Sunshine”. My sister seems to enjoy living there and quite a few friends and family go down to visit her, which is always nice.


Vero Beach Luxury Real Estate Is On Top Of Their List

It seems that my folks are seriously considering relocating to Florida to retire and enjoy their “golden years” and since they are avid golf fans they are looking to find a retirement community that will keep their favorite sport close at hand. None of us are at all crazy about them moving so far away, but I do believe that they deserve to spend the rest of their life in comfort and able to enjoy the sport that they have enjoyed together for so many years. We always thought that they were happy and content staying in the house and the community that they have been living in for well over 50 years.

They have been busy looking online at various retirement communities and have found a few that they are wanting to fly down and check out for themselves. So far the vero beach luxury real estate seems to be on the top of their list and they are getting all excited and worked up about the idea of actually making the move. I just wish that I could take the trip with them to make sure that they make the wisest decision possible. It’s hard to think of your aging parents making such an important decisions on their own. I’m not saying that they aren’t capable of making such drastic decisions. They are both in good medical and mental health, but they certainly are not “spring chickens” anymore and we all know that things could change at any given moment for anyone no matter what age you are and when you factor into their age bracket it could go down hill real quick and they will be so far away for any one us to go running to their aid.

Maybe this is just a phase, but then maybe they will go through with it. Only time will tell and we will just have to ride it out and see where it takes them. It is, what it is.

YouTube Video For Personal Injury Lawyers Fort Lauderdale

It has been over three years since my brother-in-law was rear ended by an elderly woman who was driving without a license and with no insurance. My sister has had to stop working full-time in order to take care of him with all the doctor and lawyer appointments that have taken over their lives. He is in major pain 95% of the time and has to take numerous medications in order to even get out of bed. If there is any moisture in the air what-so-ever it is even worse, so when it rains and/or snows they know that it will not be a good day for him at all. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, he is usually suffering with at least a 7 on the scale and when it rains and/or snows it becomes a 10 real quick.

They have an attorney but I’m not seeing any progress from him and like I said it has been well over three years, maybe even four years at this point, I’ve seemed to have lost count of the time since this nightmare started for the both of them and their family. I’ve been trying to convince them to change to a different attorney. I’ve heard so many good things about Boone and Davis, who are Personal Injury Lawyers Fort Lauderdale and have sent my sister the link to their website a few times, but I don’t think she has taken any action as of yet. Boone and Davis have worked together for over 30 years throughout the entire state of Florida. Check out the video that they have on their home page and that can be found on as well. I think that I will just send the link to the video this time around and see if that gets their attention instead of just their website information.

Cullasaja Club In Beautiful North Carolina

Well is seems that the Carolina’s are taking another relative away from us. This time it is my Uncle Jack and my Aunt Jill (I know, Jack and Jill, ha ha ha) who are planning on selling their old homestead in Front Royal in the beautiful state of  Virginia and heading down a bit further south to the beautiful state of North Carolina. It used to be that folks would end up down in Florida, which is known as The Land of Sunshine, but now it appears that North and South Carolina are the hot spots for many people looking for a much warmer climate to spend their golden years enjoying.

The Internet has made finding the perfect retirement location a much easier task to tackle. Just by typing a few keywords such as “Cullasaja Club” can open many doors that you would never have the opportunity to check out without the use of the Internet. I know for a fact that the mountains in North Carolina are just about as beautiful as the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia are which I would love to live a lot closer to myself. It’s no wonder there are so many folks are moving down there. At least I have several places that I can stay at when I end up down around that area from time to time, with good-hearted and fun-loving people who I know well and care deeply for.

When they end up with a signed contract on the house and actually relocate the story will then be told that Jack and Jill went up the mountain, instead of the old classic Jack and Jill went up the hill! Bless their hearts, they have heard just about everything there is to say about the old Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. They knew what they were getting into back when they first hooked up over 40 years, good thing they have a sense of humor.