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No Dogs Please

I went to the down town flea market yesterday and had a nice look see around the place before the heat got too intense. Didn’t find any treasures that I couldn’t live without but I did enjoy meeting and talking with a few interesting vendors that were there for the day.

It never seems to amaze me how so many people bring their dogs to this market. It just doesn’t make sense. It is an outside market, on a black top parking lot of an elementary school. These poor dogs are walking on this extremely hot surface while their idiot owners are looking around not even seeing how their dogs are burning their paws. It was in the high 90’s yesterday, so you know that the parking lot was burning hot.

People leave the dogs at home, have a heart!

Everything Radar

Each year I’m Head Coach for one of the many local Little League Baseball Teams and I always look forward to that time of year that it is starting to warm up and the kids are full of energy that has been bundled up all winter, and they are a raring to go. My Dad always coached a team, so did his father before that, and it is something that just seems to come to me as a second nature, while helping me stay in shape.

This year I think I’ll purchase a radar gun for the league and donate it in my grandfather’s name, I think he would appreciate that. I’ve gone looking around on the Internet and have found a site for  Radar Gun Sales that has decent selection of the type of radar gun that I was thinking of.  They have other items also that are quite interesting, such as speed pitch booths, batting cage equipment, road signs, score boards and even portable ice rinks! They really have great merchandise, wish I could afford to buy more for the League, but I’m sure that they will be happy with the radar gun that I’m counting on purchasing for their use.

The Busy Month Of June

It is hard to believe that the month of June is quickly approaching us. June is a busy month, besides the beginning of summer and all that goes along with that. The month of June brings a ton of birthdays to friends and family. I always know that I will be broke in the month June because of all the birthdays. And I’m still trying to recover from Christmas which seems like just a few months ago. Right now I am looking at various electric guitars for sale online to give to my nephew on his birthday which is in June.

I will be seeing my nephew at the family birthday dinner and since I didn’t get to hook up with him over the Christmas holiday season I figured I’d make it up to him on his birthday. He is a good kid, the oldest and the one that seems like he just might make a contribution in this world some day. Guess he is really my favorite. I was there when he was born and baby sat him up until they up and moved away to Colorado a few years ago. It will be good to see them all again. I will pull him aside of course and present him with it in private, so as not to draw a lot of attention from all the others that will be there that day.

Year Round Activities at Lord Howe 2

The first seven months of the year happens so fast and before you know it August is here.  A seasoned traveller might tell you that summer is not always the best time to go and explore a certain place.  For a change, you can try visiting mid- year and bear witness to worthwhile activities that are still in store for you during your arrival.  Specifically, at Lord Howe, you get to still enjoy bird watching, apart from that you can still go to leisurely walks, hike the tropic forests and climb majestic mountains.  Here’s a list of year round activities that you can enjoy for the second half of the year:

Let’s start with August, explore the Roach island and there you will find shearwater chicks that are coming out of their shell deep in the burrows.  At the end of the month, watch the night sky as terns land on Admiralty Island.  A few days past August, you can see the arrival of Mutton birds.

When you are visiting Lord Howe in September, you can bear witness to the return of various species of Mutton birds such as the Wedge tailed Shearwaters and also the Flesh footed kind.  The ternlet will then lay its egg early in this month.  Then the land birds will begin nesting.  It is fun to have breakfast outside because you will be visited by Sonthrush and English black birds.  When you’re lucky enough you may even see the Golden Whistler.

During October, the red tailed tropic bird starts to breed along the cliffs.  It is common knowledge that this island is the largest breeding colony in the world.  This is the place where migrant waders coming all the way from the Arctic breed.

When this month comes to a close, visitors can bear witness to the first of summer blooms. The colours coming from the flowers of the Mountain Rose, Sallywood, Pumpkin tree, boar tree and island pine is indeed a spectacle worth seeing.  Note that the flowers coming from the wedding lily only last for a single day.  This plant is actually endemic and was brought to the island from South Africa.

During your stay at Lord Howe in November, you get to see the different stages of growth of the Masked Booby birds.  Grey ternlets and even the providence petrel chicks have fledged.  November is also the month where the Black winged petrel arrives.  After mating, the mutton bird colonies leave the island then return briefly afterwards to lay their single eggs at the end of the month.

Before you know it, it’s already December where vegetation is at its finest in the island.  Actually, the island is part of the World Heritage list because of the unique vegetation it possesses.  As a matter of fact, there are about 160 species of native flowering plants found on the island, apart from that, there are also about 57 species of ferns that are sprawled all around the place especially in the tropic forests. 

Take a trek among the many mountain summits of the island to see the Giant Health or more commonly known as the Fitzgeraldii or you can explore the forests and see the extra ordinary Pandanus tree beginning to bloom during this period.



North Carolina

It’s good to hear that my buddy from way back in the Junior High School days (you can tell how long ago that was, they still called it Junior High School, not a Middle School as they are known as these days) has taken a job as an cpa in north carolina. Only a short trip from his parents mountain home and property that is right close to the Virginia state line. I believe it is called Fancy Gap. A gorgeous place to live, but they still have Internet connections and cell phone signal issues that would drive me right up the wall!

We have been chatting it up a bit on Facebook these past couple of years. If I didn’t have the Internet I would be totally lost. I seriously think I would lose my mind. But at least I would have a great back yard view.