Gas is almost a four letter word

I’m thinking that by next week-end, which is the Father’s Day week-end, the cost of gas around here will be at the $4 mark. Today as I was running around trying to do as many errands as I could while enduring this horrible heatwave, I had to stop at the local cheap gas station and I was dismayed to see that it is now at $3.91, I can only imagine how much the Exxon and Mobil stations are charging.

On the news the other evening there was a story about a gas station owner who desperately needed to change his signs in order to charge the correct price, and the price had risen above the $4 mark, but the company didn’t have any number 4’s for him to change the signs and he was still waiting for them to be delivered. Poor guy was losing money like crazy, but was selling a lot of gasoline because of the other stations had their correct signs all ready in place. I hope at least some people purchased oil and other things that helped the man make some money.

Stormy Weather

There has been a lot of severe weather conditions rolling through. Thunder and lightning being the least of worries. I can’t recall there ever being so many tornadoes touching down around the metro/DC area in so short a period of time. Some close friends of mine live in the area most affected by the latest storm surge and tell me that travel in the area has become a nightmare over the last few days. With trees down and tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power and more road closings then any of them have ever had to endure. I keep telling them it could be worse, at least none of them have been badly injured and all their homes and apartments are still standing. Although one of my friends does have a bit of a flooding problem as well as a tree sticking out of his garage. Which, after seeing it, did strike me as rather funny. But then, you’d have to know the guy to really get a giggle out of it. He’s our group’s “tree hugger” type, all into the green thing and conservation of resources. He even made a comment once about living in a tree house, which is partly why the tree sticking out of his garage amused me so much.

What date?

Well, it seems I cannot get any of the women I know to come out in this weather and go do something. Not that I can blame them, I do have a tendency for some dates to kind of turn out a bit off the beaten track, like taking a sailboat out just before a tidal wave hits, if you know what I mean. But I do have fun! And most the time my dates have all been kinda cool with some of the crazy stuff that happens around me. And, although not always, wound up waking up to my date cooking breakfast, usually wearing my shirt and little else! I do have to admit though. I do have good taste in women. Intelligent, easy to talk to, not yappy, and do so look good on my arm! Well what do you expect, I told you I was a bit of a chauvinist. Which reminds me, I need to go down to my local used book store soon get something else to read, I’m in the mood for a western.

Black Elk Speaks

One of my favorite areas of reading are of the Native American stories as is the most recent book that I have just finished, entitled Black Elk Speaks, as told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow) by Nicholas Black Elk. It has been named one of the best spiritual books of the 20th century and I’m not surprised because it has been an excellent read.

This is a story of the Lakota visionary and healer Nicholas Black Elk and his people during the nineteenth century during the time that the white settlers started invading their homeland and wiping out the buffalo. It’s a story of their resistance that is very beautifully told and I would urge anyone who is interested in this type of history to pick up a copy and learn and enjoy as I have been.

Time and Temperature

You know it’s beginning to become a bit confusing as to what is happening with the weather anymore. I mean really, tornadoes everywhere, multiple ones touching down all at the same time, massive earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, volcanoes, and the list goes on and on. You can’t even trust the food supply anymore. First it was lettuce, then dog food, bad meat, now I think the latest is botulism from the tomatoes. We’ve got lead in trade goods from China, bugs in grain from Asia and south America. And bad weather keeping anyone from going to the rescue to these beleaguered nations suffering from severe destruction and rising death counts due to, what else?, BAD WEATHER! No time for a nation in the throes of an economic depression to have to deal with the reconstruction of its own towns and cities. Or would it be the perfect time?  So, in conclusion, One must assume that only time will tell if the timing of bad weather worked in favor of the economy, or just made matters worse.