Myrtle Beach – It's All Good

I hear that people that want to go to the beach have found themselves in dire straights due to BP’s issues with their oil crisis and that the Myrtle Beach best hotels are booking up very quickly. The east coast is such a mess so I’m glad that at least Myrtle Beach is now thriving. I have always enjoyed North Myrtle Beach to visit and get some nice golf games in when I’m there enjoying all that the beach has to offer.

At this point I would definitely utilize the Internet to find a Myrtle Beach hotel that has vacancies for this season. A great website to use is, I have used it in the past and it has always been a great resource for my needs and wants. I’ve been going to Myrtle Beach since I was a kid. My family got us kids into golf at very young ages and we always had a blast on family vacations when it came to having water activities and golf.

I’m glad that Myrtle Beach is now getting some hard core visitors, they have been advertising very heavily these past couple of years since people have been cutting down on their expenses, thanks to our government and the economic issues that have impacted so many of us.

Preachers and Their Language

Apparently there are several preachers who are letting their mouths get away with them. While I was looking up the previous Preacher’s Blooper, there were several more to choose from, so I decided to check a few of them out. This one is seriously a “Blooper” I mean what was this guy thinking anyway?

Preacher Blooper

Last night I was watching a show that was all about catching things on video. The funniest one was about a new Preacher who was talking in front of his youth group, their parents and his wife. The poor guy really got shaken up about his slip of the tongue, you just had to feel for the poor guy. So today I had to look it up on, I found it and had to post it here, check it out and pass it along if you feel the need.


Well we finally are getting ourselves a bit of rain. It has been so dry here that people have been starting to freak out. I just wish that I had rolled my car windows up last night! It wasn’t too awfully bad, they were not all the way down and we aren’t getting a hard rain. But even a light shower will help at this point and time.

Fun Ahead on July 31st

My folks have asked me to come over next weekend and give them a hand around their place. They are planning a big party on July31st and there is a lot to be done in order to have the place ready for the big event. My mother went online and found several fiber glass planters and wants them all ready by the 31st. I’m sure she was eyeballing my aunt’s newest fiber glass planter that she just purchased online and got the idea from her to use the Internet to find her new fiberglass planters. seems to be the place to find a good fiberglass planter, they offer free shipping and a no hassle return policy, which is always a plus for today’s avid online shoppers.

They have a wonderful house, the house that we all grew up in. They have done a lot around the house and the yard in order to keep it kept up and updated with the times. They don’t often entertain a big crowd, like the one expected in a few short weeks. They have invited over 75 people, but expect to possibly see about 45 and they are finding themselves a bit overwhelmed with the date creeping up so quickly.

I have my work cut out for me, but I don’t mind. Lord knows they have busted their butts for me all my life and it is the least that I can do. Plus I’m coming to the party and look forward to having a good time with my folks and their long time friends, along with several family members.