Online Shopping Revolutionized

I found this post that I copied and pasted below (in quotes” that I had written back in March of 2009. I have to laugh at the way I sound being so thrilled with the benefits of online shopping. Eight years ago many of us were just beginning to learn our way around the Internet and starting to take advantage of the knowledge that is now available with just a few key strokes . Knowledge certainly is power.

So not only can we find information about the companies that are still working in the old brick and mortar stores, like finding what our local guitarcenter hours are at their various stores located all across the country, as well as being able to stay put and do that shopping without even leaving the house. Using the Internet for all that it has to offer these days.

“Online shopping is definitely going strong these days, people are doing all that they can to save their money in every way possible. The Internet makes it so you don’t have to leave the house, so there is no need to pay the high prices for gas to go running all over town with. Not having to deal with parking issues and grumpy sales associates is a major plus also.
Many of the shopping sites only list stores that have paid them to put their link on them, while ShopWiki has all of the stores listed for your use in reviewing and purchasing numerous items online.
With golf season fast approaching I have found the need for a new pair of golf shoes, so I’ve been spending some time looking around and comparing prices and styles from various merchants, wanting a good looking and good quality foot wear for the sport, but not wanting to pay the high prices that I had seen at the mall the other week when I had the misfortune of spending a few hours there with a friend. So ShopWiki has made the task so very much easier with the way that they have revolutionized online shopping.”

Wholesale Jewelry Online

My mother is thinking of ways to make some money at her numerous women’s club activities, for fundraising events in particular, they are always busy doing some type of fund raising and she tells me that she is tired of the same old arts & crafts and baking goods.

Her thoughts are of purchasing some nice but affordable costume jewelry and has been searching online as of late to see what deals are out there that she can feel comfortable ordering merchandise from them and placing a nice sized order. She has been talking with a representative from Cheapwholesalejewelry dot com and is leaning towards taking advantage of their cheap advertised rates for a good selection of costume jewelry.

Finding a jewelry wholesale company was nice and easy for her, due to her Internet access and by her not being intimidated by the WWW as so many senior citizens find themselves shy away from. I think that she has come up with a great idea, something that most ladies are into is their jewelry and I wish her luck in her newest endeavor. Knowing how my mother is, she should do great with a good variety of this nice jewelry that she has run into – right at home on her PC.