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No Dogs Please

I went to the down town flea market yesterday and had a nice look see around the place before the heat got too intense. Didn’t find any treasures that I couldn’t live without but I did enjoy meeting and talking with a few interesting vendors that were there for the day.

It never seems to amaze me how so many people bring their dogs to this market. It just doesn’t make sense. It is an outside market, on a black top parking lot of an elementary school. These poor dogs are walking on this extremely hot surface while their idiot owners are looking around not even seeing how their dogs are burning their paws. It was in the high 90’s yesterday, so you know that the parking lot was burning hot.

People leave the dogs at home, have a heart!

Elevated dog Beds

Sometimes giving someone their Christmas present early is really necessary. My kid brother has always had at least one type of animal in his care and in his home. Right now he has two black labs, one is 12 years old (he has had her since he first moved out on his own) and the other is just now coming into his adulthood at the age of 3.

The 12 year old, Roger Dodger, has had a rough time getting around lately, old age can do that to a living creature and there is no way to turn back the clock to make it a more comfortable maturing. But there are products out their that can certainly help and I have just discovered the most wonderful dog cots that I immediately ordered for old Roger Dodger.

I am hoping that this will help him feel better while laying down and resting. He seems to do a lot of that lately. I am just now wondering if I should have ordered two, another one for the 3 year old. Guess we will see how it pans out. As soon as this dog cot arrives in the mail I am wrapping it up and taking it over to his house to open up and start using as soon as possible.

Everything To Do With Hummingbirds

My nature loving parents tell me that isn’t too late in the season to put up a hummingbird feeder and are urging me to purchase one quickly so that I can enjoy watching these tiny little creatures this summer as they (and millions of others) do each spring and summer. They even sent me a link to a company, birdfeeders.com, that sells a great variety of hummingbird feeders that they suggest I take a gander at and find one to utilize. They are urging me to purchase a glass hummingbird feeder, they are much easier to keep clean if they are made of glass and these feeders need to be kept clean in order to attract these little migrating birds that we all find so fascinating and exciting to watch.

Since I have been working so very hard to get the backyard cleaned up and I intend to use it more than I have in the past, I’m thinking that this would be a great addition and I look forward to entertaining on the weekends and evenings there when it cools down a bit this summer.

I recommend this site to anyone interested in learning more about hummingbirds and to find good quality products online.

feeding the hummingbirds

mini hummingbird feeder

Today’s Custom Aquariums

There was a really cool TV show on last year that I would enjoy watching when I could catch it, but darned if I can remember what it was called and am really disappointed that I can’t seem to find it anymore anywhere on my current satellite TV package. But it was about a family owned and operated business that specialized in custom ocean aquarium and displays that kept them busy traveling all over the country finding new customers and taking care of their current customers aquarium needs.

I thought that I had found this show when looking for it a few months ago under the name “Tanked” but that turned out to be a whole different show that has nothing to do with fish and/or aquariums, but about a Think Tank concerning people coming up with money making ideas. A good show but not the one that I was hoping it was.

These guys came up with the most fascinating aquariums, there was nothing that they couldn’t figure out and put together and had a blast doing it, which kept their viewers of their program in stitches and coming back for more each and every week. Non the less I have to say that I had no idea that there was an interest in aquariums these days and to what lengths and costs people would go to in order to have these wonderful custom aquariums produced for them. So I was tickled to stumble onto some sites on the Internet that offer the same time of products and services as this family was, and hopefully still is specializing in.

The picture that I wanted to share here of the tanks with curved aquarium acrylic viewing panels wouldn’t download today. For some reason the last couple of times I’ve tried to get a photo on this blog it hasn’t worked. Guess I’ll need to place a call to my buddy who helps me with computer issues that just baffle me and my limited knowledge of many of today’s technologies.





Here Kitty Kitty

One of my lady friends just came by and asked if I’d do her a big favor by watching her three cats for a couple of days. Now, usually, I wouldn’t even consider having a cat in my house for any reason, but seeing as how she’s always been willing to aid me whenever I was in need of her assistance, I agreed to look after them until she returns from her company conference. Which will be in about three days or so.

I can only hope that these hairy little critters are housebroken and don’t decide to use my potted plants as their own personal bathrooms. She left me with cat food and even a few “cat toys”, to help keep them entertained. So far the only “entertainment” they have been enjoying is walking underfoot and making me trip a lot, not to mention their constant frantic races around the living room. I’m not sure if my not having acquired a dog yet is a good thing or just untimely.