Sometimes it works out

Now that was¬†one of the¬†quickest turnovers on any gear I’d picked up on a hunch! I’m talking about the beer cans, (dome top beer cans at that), with near perfect labels and litho, all of them had the tops, except for one I believe, really hard to remember what all brands they were I had them for so short a time. I actually sold all but one of them to the same guy, the very first guy on my list as a matter of fact. I told him what I had happened upon on the way back and let him know That I knew what they might be worth to a high end collector like himself, but I also told him what I paid for them and if he came up with a fair proposal and an honest figure, well, then we could do business! We met, he loved them, he offered more than the figure I’d had in mind. I accepted , he took them all but the one. Reason he didn’t want it was that there were two alike and he only needed the one. Now I hear of another dealer getting a load of red-line hot wheels cars. They’re supposed to be worth a small chunk of serious change. I really got to get myself a book on them I guess.

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