The "Check Engine" Light

You gotta love how the Internet can make such takes as finding a decent and reputable auto repair shops. Most folks stay in one place very long these days, you don’t always get a chance to form a long time relationship with many merchants. Word of mouth is still a great form of advertising, the Internet can help if you don’t know anyone.

My youngest sister recently up and moved to Houston, TX and doesn’t know a soul yet. Her Acura Integra is in need of a tune up, the tires rotated and an oil change. She can do some things herself but is limited and she really wants to find a Houston auto repair shop that she can put her faith into and entrust them to make sure her Integra is in the best shape that it can be. Lord knows she is paying a good amount to the bank every month for at least another 3 years.

I sent her a link to, which is an Auto Repair and Maintenance review and rating site that I stumbled on. I keyed in her location and there were several shops that got good reviews. I figured it might be a good starting point for her, it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. She needs to have a place to go┬áto when the “Check Engine” light comes on, it always does at some point.

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