Toy Cars?

One of my friends and business partners called me to see if I wanted to take a collection of toy cars off his hands. He said he’d bought out one of those storage bins to get at the old mahogany furniture that was stored there and he came across a box just packed with Hot Wheels cars. At first I wasn’t interested until I remembered something about Hot Wheels with red lines around the tires from the 60’s and 70’s, and how they were pretty hot little collectibles with the potential to generate a boatload of income. So i asked him about the wheels on the cars and he confirmed that they all had red lines on them and that they all had metal bottoms. Most were from Hong Kong, the US and Mexico and I think he said Malaysia too. needless to say, I told him I’d take the whole lot off his hands. I won’t say how much I gave him for them, but I will tell you this, I’ve spent more money on a night on the town then I paid for this little present from my old buddy in the furniture trade!

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